It is beginning to dawn on many people throughout the world that the accumulative actions of our race are leading us deeper into a World Crisis of unbelievable proportions.

For so many of us in our present situation, the perils facing life on earth are so massive and unprecedented that they are hard to believe and can often stir within us feelings of fear, anger and sorrow, even though we may never express them to others. The very danger signals that should rivet our attention, summon up the blood and bond us in collective action, tend to have the opposite effect. They make us want to pull down the blinds and busy ourselves with other things.
No one is immune to doubt, overwhelm, denial or disbelief about the severity of our situation or about our power to change it.

Yet, of all the dangers we face, from climate change to the threat of permanent war, none is so great as the deadening of our responses. To make appropriate and life-affirming choices during these times of world crisis matters more than anything else we do. For if there is to be a livable world for those who come after us, it will be because we have managed to make the transition from the way of unsustainable industrial growth to a life-sustaining society.

As people in all countries and all walks of life are discovering, to make this transition, while much of the world continues with business as usual, demands that we summon more courage and enlivening solidarity than many of us have ever known.

No outside authority is silencing us, at least not in the U.K. No physical force is restraining us from devoting our courage and creativity to the protection of life on Earth. What then is stifling our responses as individuals and as a society? How can we become more empowered in our response to this World Crisis?

Edited from text by Joanna Macy the founder of The Work That Reconnects

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